Case Study - Store Management - Data-driven Logistic Solutions - eCom Solutions


The Problem

They are a fairly small wholesale distributor in the industrial supply space. When we initially reached out to them, they were not interested in working with Amazon retailers due to a negative opinion on the marketplace. Therefore they were missing out on the massive buying that is happening daily on Amazon.

The Strategy

We connected with their tech team, which provided us with a spreadsheet of the products they were not only stocking, but also the products they have access to from their manufacturing partners. We ran this spreadsheet into our Sourcing Oracle and started letting our system do it's magic to help identify buying opportunities.

The Solution

We were able to use our technology to sort through over 200k skus to identify almost 200 that have high demand, but did not have sufficient supply in the Amazon warehouses.

Through our network of buyers we have generated over 350k worth of new purchase orders in the first 3 months of working with them. Including products they were not stocking at the moment which has resulted in drastically increasing their overall profit margins due to the fact they are getting pre-paid for the inventory ahead of time which has reduced inventory burn rate on products they own, but aren't able to distribute.